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Uma Thurman as Mia Wallace (Pulp Fiction 1994, dir. Quentin Tarantino)

If you put fresh pineapple into the gelatine it won’t gelatinise, I learned that the hard way, don’t let it happen to you.


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Ongoing contract negotiations for five lead actors has forced production on The Big Bang Theory season 8 to be postponed.

The cameras were meant to start rolling on The Big Bang Theory season 8 today, but the laughs won’t be coming just yet. As five lead actors remain without new contracts, production cannot yet begin on the new season of the hit CBS comedy.

“Due to ongoing contract negotiations, production on ‘The Big Bang Theory’ — which was originally scheduled to begin today — has been postponed,” a statement from Warner Bros. TV explained. Reportedly, production will be postponed on a day-by-day basis.


I used to like this show, I mean is not that I hate it now, but it has became annoying, all the praise it gets. I don’t see great acting skills, most of the cast have been playing the same kind of character their whole career. And I don’t see great characters, just cliches. Don’t make me talk about Jim P. beating the great and amazing Steve Carrell in the best actor category ‘cause we will open a pandora box. And what’s the problem with penny? She doesn’t even like Buffy? I mean is that too nerdy for her? Wtf?! Ugh so stupid. Fun fact I started watching that show because I thought it was an American attempt to recreate the IT crowd.

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A Wooden simulation of a water droplet as it impacts a body of water.


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Michael Fassbender At The Ron Haslam Race School Today (x, x, x)

'I will show them, I can go too, I don't need them to invite me, I'm having so much fun alone I don't need them! Hahaha… *crying*'

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Vegan Pistachio Whoopie Pies. Get the Bake and Destroy recipe now on One Green Planet

I’m thinking…. YUP.

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Purple Haze

With their cuteness? Lol. Honest, I wouldn’t like him to date her, but not because of her, but rather ‘cause she is tabloid/paparazzi magnet just as Jennifer is, he should date someone more low-profile, like, I dunno… me?